Poem of the Week

Wind Tricks

The wind was full of tricks today.
It blew my brother's hat away.
It made the trees bend and dance.
It made the leaves twirl and prance.
It chased our paper down the street.
It almost blew me off my feet!

*Week of April 11, 2011

Lion and Lamb

A lion is big and very strong.
It has a tail that's very long!
A lion can roar in a great big way.
I feel like a lion today!

A lamb is small and short and sweet.
It has a tail that's short and neat!
A lamb can bleat in a quiet way.
I feel like a lamb today!

*Week of March 21, 2011

George Washington

George, George Washington
The first president.
His face is on the quarter,
And it's worth 25 cents!

*Week of February 28, 2011

Abraham Lincoln

A great man, you ought to know,
Lived a long, long time ago.
Abraham Lincoln, the President,
Gave freedom to each resident.
He made the world a better place,
For you and all the human race!

*Week of February 21, 2011

The Groundhog

The funny little groundhog
Digs a home in the fall,
And hides there all winter
All rolled up in a ball.

On February 2nd
He comes out of there,
To look at the sky
And sniff the air!

*Week of February 7, 2011

A Sledding We Will Go

A sledding we will go,
Across the ice and snow,
Hi-ho we're on our way,
As over the ice we go!

Perhaps we'll see a whale,
He'll wave at us with his tail,
Hi-ho, we're on our way,
As over the ice we go!

*Week of January 31, 2011

Snowflakes Falling Down

Snowflakes falling down,
Floating to the ground,
Sliding, gliding, gently dancing,
You fall without a sound.

*Week of January 24, 2011

It's A Brand New Year!
(Tune: You're A Grand Old Flag)

It's a brand new year,
So let's give a big cheer,
Blow the horn; beat the drum loud and clear.
Oh, the year's brand new,
With new things to do,
New things we will learn all year through!

*Week of January 3, 2011

Christmas Cheer
(Tune: We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

Let's all do a little clapping,
 Let's all do a little clapping,
Let's all do a little clapping,
And spread Christmas cheer!

Other actions: stomping, twisting, jumping

*Week of December 6, 2010


Some have fathers, some have mothers.
Some have sisters, some have brothers.
In some houses there are others.
Every family's special!

*Week of November 29, 2010

Gobble Gobble

The turkey is a funny bird,
His head goes bobble, bobble.
And all he knows is just one word,
"Gobble!  Gobble!  Gobble!"

*Week of November 15, 2010

Thank You

Thank you for the earth and sky,
Thank you for the birds that fly.
Thank you for the food we grow,
Thank you for the streams that flow.
Thank you, thank you: this we say:
Thanks for all we have each day!

*Week of November 8, 2010

Up in the Treetops
(Tune: Up on the Housetop)

Up on the treetops, I see leaves!
They are swaying in the breeze.
First they are green, but when it turns cold,
They change to red and orange and gold.
Go, go, go! Where did they go?
Ho, ho, ho! Don't you know?
That's when the wind blows;swish, swish, swish.
And they come floating down like this!

*Week of November 1, 2010